Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Immigrating to Canada: The one thing you must know...

The one thing you must know is that immigration laws and provisions are constantly changing. So let's say you decided in 2010 that you wanted to migrate to Canada. You did your preliminary research, asked a few questions and then determined to shelve it for later, until you are better prepared financially etc. Many people go through this process, but the one thing you must know is that...

When you eventually decide to make the move a few months, years down the line you will have to begin the process all over again. 

Quite likely the research that informed your decision (or lack of decision) in 2010, would have been dated. A good way to stay current on immigration changes relevant to you is to plug into an immigration consultant who has an updated blog, social network feeds or sends out updated newsletters. Check the dates of the posts to make sure the information is current. If the information is older than a year it is not current. Also, stay in contact with friends and family who are going through their immigration process but understand that your process may not be the same. Friends and family who have lived in Canada for years are not good sources on what is current in paths to immigration, unless they went and did research on your behalf. There process is quite likely - dated.

Of course, if you enjoy reading vasts amount of information and time allows you to do so, visit the Canadian Immigration website at www.cic.gc.ca to find out the latest immigration programs and changes in policy. Also visit the Canadian job bank site to get an idea of employment rates by province and the kind of jobs that are in demand in each province.

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